Coastal Catches 6/10/2011

Water levels are very high in Arthurs Lake and Great Lake and as a result there is a fair bit of debris floating in the water. Care needs to be taken when you are out on a boat because some of them are very hard to see so it would be good practice to slow down a little.

There were some good fish caught last weekend, particularly in the Highland Lakes. The fish were certainly not jumping into the boat at Arthurs Lake but the fish that were caught were in good condition. The fish at the Great lake were bigger fish but generally poorer condition. Soft Plastics were working well. The good old Black and Gold T Tail was a go to lure for many and some of the Berkley gulp Minnows worked well.
The Gate to the Nineteen Lagoons area is open and this will please many. It is still fairly early in the season so the fish will still need some time to put on condition. If you are considering a trip to this area make sure you are prepared for all weather as it can change very quickly especially at this time of year.
Four Springs lake near Hagley has been fishing well and there are Duns hatching regularly. Duns appear when mayfly nymphs swim to the surface and hatch. Trout will feed on them before they hatch and while they are on the water drying their new wings. Fly Fishers look forward to dun hatches as the chance of catching a fish increases markedly. Flies to use include Shaving Brush, Bruce Gibson Emerger and Brett Woolf Dun along with many others. Check with your local tackle shop and they can give you plenty of advice.
There have been some good fish caught in the Arthur River recently and it is pleasing to hear the many have been returned to the water. When fish grow towards the ten pound mark it seems a shame to only catch them once. Bibbed minnows have been a lure of choice. Try Rapala CD7’s in Gold or Golden Alburnus.
There is plenty of bait in the North West rivers and sea run trout are feeding on the bait. There is some excellent fishing to be had over the next month or so. Most of the rivers and creeks along the coast have sea runners in them but some of the more notable ones include: The Mersey, The Forth, Leven, Blythe, Emu, Cam, Black and Duck.
We had a trip out to Rocky Cape on the weekend and caught some good Flathead. Jig em rigs worked well. We also caught a few Calamari Squid and they should be getting around in good numbers soon.
Tight lines till next week.

Gadget of the week:
Berkley Black and Gold T Tail Soft Plastics. These are deadly on Trout and will work equally well in both rivers and lakes. Check them out at Tassie Tackle and Outdoor.




Grant Youd and his mate with a couple of good fish from the West Coast.



Bradlee Hays looking very happy with his haul from the Great Lake



Connor Young with a nice 6lb rainbow from Frombergs Dam at the last Junior Fishing Day



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