Coastal Catches 29/3/2012

I am not sure where this year has gone but I have just realised that Easter is only a week away. It’s usually a popular time to go fishing and I am sure that this year we be no exception.

If you’re not into fishing and you want to start, your local tackle shop will be able to set you up and give you some advice on how to go about catching a fish. It won’t cost megabucks and there are plenty of easily accessible places along the coast to go fishing at. There will be more on locations next week. I had a customer in this week that was having trouble with his fly casting. The issue was his line would not shoot through the guides. The usual cause of this is a dirty fly line and there is a simple solution. First use a damp microfiber cloth or fly line cleaning pad to clean off the grime and then use a fly line conditioner to increase the slickness. It’s amazing what a big difference it makes and it is equally amazing how many fly fishers neglect this simple task that will markedly improve their casting.

We have had some reports of what I am told are blue spot Mackerel along the coast. One report came from Don Heads and Lillico Beach and the other from Somerset. There were also plenty of Australian Salmon present. I am told that the Mackerel are an excellent fish to smoke and provided a very satisfactory snack.
Australian Salmon have been caught in reasonably good numbers in the Leven River at Ulverstone. Try the Atomic Ripperz Jerk minnows in pearl white. They are the nearest thing to a guarantee that we can give you.
The Mersey River fished well last week after the rain, in the Merseylea area. Celtas were effective in some of the faster flowing sections while a rapala F5 worked well in some of the deeper slower sections.
Reports of Jassid Beetled at the lakes continue. On angler had a good session at Dee lagoon last week when the fish came out to play. If you are heading to the lakes at Easter and you are intending to do some fly fishing, you should make sure you have a couple of Jassid patters in your fly box.
Bluefin Tuna have been pretty good down at Eaglehawk Neck. One of the charter operators caught 7 up to 30kg earlier this week as well as two big Albacore Tuna. There were plenty of Stripy Tuna in the mix as well.


Gadget of the Week.
Rugged Extreem Ice Boxes.

These rugged Ice Boxes are made from polyethylene and refrigeration foam that makes them tough with high performance. Ideal for your Easter fishing trip. Check them out at Tassie Tackle and Outdoor


Jack Doherty with a nice Gummy Shark that he caught at Montagu

Jaxon Duggan and Yayte Duggan with a nice haul of Flathead that they caught recently.


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