Coastal Catches 9/5/2012

There are quite a few hard core fisho’s from the coast heading south to Eaglehawk Neck and Southport at the moment. Our mail is that Eaglehawk neck has been fishing well on the right days and has been quiet on other days. The better fishing conditions are when there is a bit of chop on the water. This weekend is looking Boats fishing out of Southport have been doing a bit better and the fishing has been much more consistent.  Whale Head off South East Cape has been a hot spot.

If you want a feed of Flathead the Table Cape area has been yielding some good sized fish. All you have to do is pick the weather and head out. This weekend could be ok if the wind settles and is from the south.

There are some great Australian Salmon being caught at the moment at Sinking Rock and Netley Bay at Marrawah. Care needs to be taken when fishing from rocks and it is not worth putting yourself in a dangerous situation for the sake of a few fish. Try a 40 to 60 gram Spanyid Strike It lure. They have a hole in the back which creates a bubble trail and gives the lures a tight action. Another method that proved successful for a Burnie angler was to use a 14gram jighead and Atomic Rippers Pearl Blue soft plastics. There have also been some good catches of Salmon in the Sulphur Creek area.

Big Atlantic Salmon are still being caught at Strahan. Nets seem to be the most effective way of catching them but catching them on a rod is way more fun. The Swan Basin is one of the more accessible areas and it is possible to wade out a long way with the water only waist deep.

It is only a bit over a week to go till the Liawenee Open Day at the Great Lake. The fish are already in the Canal and the Inland Fisheries Service has been busy transferring adult fish from the Great Lake to other waters. If you want to have a look for yourself the following link will take you to the relevant page on their website

Tight lines till next week.

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Jenny Shepherd with a couple of good sized Stripy Trumperer from the West Coast

Gavin Hicks with a Magnificent 6.5lb Western Lakes Brown Trout that he caught earlier this year


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