Coastal Catches 16/8/2012

I have written in some of my past articles with regard to some of the mindless acts of vandalism that have occurred in fishing areas. I was alerted to the latest act where the Great Lake lookout, at the top of haulage hill, was pulled over by some morons with a four wheel drive and a snatch strap. There are many other instances of lake shores being destroyed and rubbish being left for others to clean up.

The mindless few cause this damage and tarnish the reputation of others who are doing the right thing. They also use up precious resources that cost us all money.  I implore anyone who sees any of this to alert the authorities and assist them in catching the idiots.
Great lake continues to fish well and the Swan Bay area seems to be a good bet. Some of the fish are in good condition and have good colour so they are well worth catching for a feed. Black and Gold T Tails, Ashley spinners, bibbed lures and worms have all accounted for some good bags.
Lake Barrington is still giving up Atlantic Salmon and is still worth a trip. Try a Rapala CD perch or some of the Nilsmaster spearheads in brighter colours. I gave a tip a couple of weeks ago that Shimano Waxwings caught some fish for an angler. A couple of others tried them with success so  make sure you have one or two in the tackle box if you are heading to Lake Barrington.
The Mersey River has been a happy hunting ground for a number of anglers and there have been some good fish caught. Worms and spinning are the most productive methods at the moment.
There are numerous reports of Blackfish being caught in the Pet dam by anglers using worms. Blackfish are quite boney but have a soft sweet delicate flesh and many people love them to eat.
River mouths along the coast will be well worth a look when this rain clears as we have had reports of trout working the lower reaches of some rivers, with the white bait not that far away. A small sluk lure in the white bait pattern have proved to be a good option.
Salt water fishing has slowed, but some hardy angler are still catching a feed of flat head when the weather allows them to get out. Last weekend was good and there were a few who took advantage and reaped the rewards.
Tight lines till next week

Gadget of the week


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Lykus McKenzie with an 8lb and a 15lb Atlantic Salmon that he caught at Frombergs Dam. Go Saints!


Jarrod Burn with a couple of beautys that he caught a Four Springs with a Gulp 3” Pearl Watermelon Soft Plastic

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