Coastal Catches 23/11/2012.

I had another trip out off Burnie (Behind the green tree) on Sunday with a mate and we found some good Flathead in about 40m of water. There were plenty of them and were some very big ones in the mix. We are so lucky to have quality fish to catch on our doorstep. I am sure the same could be done all along the coast. It’s just a matter of figuring out where the fish are.

There have been a couple of schools of Australian Salmon in the Burnie area near Round Hill. A couple of fisho’s were having a pretty good time with them last Saturday. Many people turn their noses up at Australian Salmon but if you bleed them and get them on ice quickly they make a good table fish and are particularly good on the Barbecue.
Up in the highlands Arthurs Lake is starting to fish really well with a lot of fish being caught. The condition of the fish ranges from poor to good with quite a few small ones. What they lack in condition is made up for by the numbers. Hopefully there will be some good mayfly activity on the lake this year which should start in early December.
Mako Sharks are around in reasonable numbers with quite a few being caught in the last week. One Wynyard local hooked a big fish which was duly tagged and released. Its great to see a lot of these sharks are being released by anglers.
Sea runners are starting to slow down but I did here of a couple of double figure fish being caught in a local river during the week.
The Mersey river is still fishing well and there have been quite a few anglers out on it chasing trout on weekends and after work. Small spinners and bibbed lures and blade lures have all worked. On angler reported that a Blue Fox
Lake Barrington and Brushy Lagoon each received 360 Atlantic salmon last week (13 and 14 November 2012). The salmon averaged 3 kg in weight and were donated by Springfield Fisheries. Anglers are reminded that there is a five fish bag limit on these waters with no more that two fish over 600 mm in length.
Many anglers will be heading down to Lake Burbury this weekend for the Queenstown Anglers Club Lake Burbury fishing competition. Mudeye’s will be a popular bait and are certainly starting to catch fish. A Burnie angler had a great day at Four Springs early this week landing four nice fish using mudeye’s under a float.

Junior angling at Frombergs dam, Ulverstone is on again this Sunday from 10am till 3pm.

Gadget of the week:

Codger Lures.
These deep diving lures have just arrived and the range of colours will be great for the West Coast lakes. Check them out at Tassie Tackle and Outdoor.




Rodney Howard with a great Flathead caught on a Instinct Flasher Rig


Paul Cochrane with a Brown Trout that he caught recently.

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