Coastal Catches 13/11/2012

Life is very busy at the moment and unfortunately there is not much time for us to go fishing due to the demands of the retail world. There are plenty of customers coming in with tales of fishing trips and offers to go fishing with them. I am sure it’s just their way of rubbing it in.
We have had some positive reports regarding the western lakes in that there has already been some reasonable mayfly activity and some of the fish that have been caught have been in very good condition. Things are looking good as we move further into summer.

The road into Lake Kay has been improved with many of the potholes being filled and drainage being improved. The same applies to the road to Double Lagoon. Both these roads were in fairly poor condition and it’s good to see IFS fixing them up.
Calamari Squid are still around and there are many heading out after work to catch a feed. The rocks on the Eastern side of the Don River mouth have been a popular and productive spot as has Doctors Rocks near Wynyard. A Devonport angler told me that his failsafe method was to put a pilchard on a Squid Skewer and fish it under a float. He reckoned it was the nearest thing to a guarantee of catching supper.
There were a couple of sizable schools of Australian Salmon off Round Hill on Tuesday night. The birds were working and fish were breaking the surface.  If you find a school of salmon while trolling, troll around the outskirts of the school.  This will keep the school on top a lot longer and you will catch more fish. It is always annoying when you find a school and everything is going well to see another boat troll straight through the school and put the fish down.
If you are considering buying a fishing rod for the kids this Christmas take into account their age and how long a rod they can handle. Young children often get excited when they are fishing and rods tend to go anywhere and everywhere. It is well worth considering a short rod as they can comfortably use them much better. As the age increases so can the length of the rod. There are some great inexpensive combos for kids on the market at the moment.

Gadget of the week.

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Julian Overton, Graham Purton and Brady Jackson with a good haul of fish from the continental shelf near St. Helens.

Tim Briggs with a good sized East Coast Stripy Trumpeter.

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