Coastal Catches 15/5/2014

Bluefin Tuna are still being caught at Eaglehawk Neck and there are plenty of North West fisho’s heading down this weekend. The weather seems to be playing a part in how good the fishing is with a few more fish being caught on the rougher days. Smaller skirts such as Meridian Demon are working well as are deep diving bibbed lures. 
Australian Salmon always become the staple target fish over the winter months for North West fisho’s and there are some big ones around at the moment. There has been some good action in the Marrawah area recently. Sinking Rock is a popular destination however there are a few good spots that are closer such as the car park rock at Netley Bay. In all cases when fishing on the West Coast check the sea conditions and take care. Big waves can appear from nowhere so never turn your back on the water. There are plenty of other areas along the NW coast such as Sulphur Creek, Leven River, Inglis River & Mersey River where there is good scope to catch a few.
There are a few Garfish around at the moment and they are good fun to catch as well as being a great table fish. The secret is to get a burley trail going and wait for them to find it and let them come to you. A pencil float with a small hook with some squid on it, are the best way to catch them. Hot spot are Doctors Rocks near Wynyard and near Goat island at Penguin. There are plenty of other likely spots along the coast especially where seagrass and weed beds are close by.
Gadget of the week:
Strada Howler surface Popper. If your chasing Australian Salmon this is a surface popper that you should have in the arsenal. Designed for a surface skipping action it is ideal lure to use in rough conditions. It’s rigged with quality hooks and split rings so there is no need to re-rig them. Check them out at Tackleworld and Outdoor Burnie.
Photo: Jason Rubock with a Dhufish that he caught on a recent trip to West Australia
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