Brushy Lagoon August 3rd 2011

Went to Four Springs yesterday for the final test run of the Purdon. On our way home called into JJ's Bakery at Longford for a coffee, while there an Inland Fisheries ute and trailer pulled up out the front with tanks on. They also came in for a coffee I happened to say to one of them "Have you been dumping fish somewhere." to which he replied, "They had been to... ... Brushy Lagoon and released some good fish in there" Victor asked, "Any big ones?". They replied "They put rainbows up to 8 Kg. in there." So it didn't take us long to decide where to fish today. Arrived around 8 o'clock I went out in the Purdon with my Fly rod and Victor fished on the dam wall with a Spin rod. We were there a short while and Victor hooked  17 LB. rainbow, took ages to get in because he has just respooled his reel with 4Lb. braid and a 6Lb. leader. Soon after I had some luck with a 10Lb. rainbow which on the fly takes a while to get in. To top it off Victor then hooked and landed a 20Lb. rainbow which also took ages to get in. What a day to start our season. Love to go back tomorrow but Vic has to go to Lewis Marine to pick up his hornet, which has been in getting its yearly service.See you all tommorrow arvo at Tooms.
Regards Presidents, Vic and Rose



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