Brushy Lagoon 19/5/2012

I woke up Saturday morning not to early, looked outside through the bedroom window and knew it would be a great day to go fishing. I thought Brushy's would be good, try and catch a salmon or two. So my lovely wife made some lunch and a thermos of coffee for me while I hooked the boat up to the car.
I rang my brother Dom up to see if he was keen to go as well, he was so I headed off and pick him up on the way. We arrived at Brushy's around 10am put the boat in and slowly trolled towards the dam wall. There were about eight people fishing off the wall and three boats as well as a couple kayaks working the lagoon.

It was calm and sunny I remember saying to Dom that we won't see much action today, and I was right. One angler caught a nice salmon off the wall and that was the only one we saw caught off he wall while we were there. We trolled and drift spun from the boat for five hours and we threw everything we had in the way of lures at those salmon.
We got lucky and caught two nice salmon and that was a bonus because we had a great time at Brushy's whether we hook up or not.






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