Letter to Hon. Dick Adams MHR

Dear Dick,

As you would be well aware, the Super Trawler issue is a concern to many Tasmanians.

Your office has received numerous emails from myself and no doubt many others on this matter.

In email correspondence from your office dated 2nd July 2012, your office stated.

  “I am actually preparing a paper to counter the comments in the press which are scientifically wrong – and has also led to the Minister being misled too on these marine parks which will do bugger all in conserving fish stocks!”  

With the Margiris nearly on our doorstep, I anticipate this paper would be finalised by now and wonder would you mind sending me a copy so that I can pass it onto the many that share the same concerns as myself.

With the Super Trawlers imminent arrival expected within the next couple of weeks, further protests are being planned by the North and North Western organisers.

As one of those involved in this, at the moment it is anticipated that one of the starting points will be outside your office in the main street of Perth.

It is here as our elected Federal MP, yourself or one of your staff, will be given the opportunity to address the crowd and perhaps even go through the finer points of  the paper you have prepared in the hope it can alleviate our concerns... especially in light of further statements made in that very same email.

 “Dick fortunately has been chairing an inquiry in to the science of fishing and as a result he has been receiving a number of papers from many of the scientists involved in the fishing industry, or have worked in the area for many years”.

I am sorry that I cannot be more specific on dates at the moment as this will all have to tie in with the FV Margiris presence in Tasmania.

We will endeavour to keep your office fully informed as to the planning in regards to protest action and also of  the dates as they come to hand.

I also look forward to your prompt response.

Kind Regards

Todd Lambert

(Northern Rally Organiser)

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