Dear Sid Sidebottom

Dear Sid,
I Urge you along with other Federal House of Parliament Members  to listen to the ABC Interview on the Super trawler debate.

There are some extremely important points made here especially on the European Union Subsidies available to the Trawler.

Some very important points are that Seafish Tasmania is setting up a new company “Seafish Tasmania Pelagics” and that is a joint venture with the Dutch owned Company that owns the Super Trawler. (Most of it)

How much of the money made out of the quota is going back to this European Company? (we must know this answer)

What subsidies are being made on the running of the vessel and on its fuel?

What other subsidies are being made by the EU?

There are 11 or more Europeans employed full time ?  

Whom pays these employees?

These Vessels only exist in  the World because of the EU Subsidies and AFMA should not allow them to be in our waters.

As if it is not  receiving subsidies, from our own information Seafish Tasmania isn’t strong enough to finance such a massive venture, this vessel is about $40,000 per day at work.

What other fish quota’s is this Vessel going to target whilst in Australian Waters?

Australian Salmon?

Albacore Tuna?

Will AFMA allow the Vessel to go into International waters whilst operating in Australia ?

Commonwealth Marine Reserves(CMR) , this Vessel is allowed in most CMR and as a result can decimate fisheries in protected Area’s as a Mid Water Trawler? 

Local Territorial Jack Mackerel off the East Coast of Tasmania , CSIRO report supports a winter stock of Jack Mackerel that are common to the East Coast of Tasmania.

No AFMA information on the Jack Mackerel size  or the effects of the Super Trawler on these local Tasmanian east Coats Stocks.  

There is no Evidence from AFMA that they have done any due diligence on the longer term effects of fishing in our fishery by the Globes 2nd largest Super Trawler.

The Science . The Science

They simply have no science on the decimation of our fishery by a Super trawler and science of localised depletion in our fishery.

If they do , Show  me the report and the Science!

Evidence that this Vessel has acted responsibly and not overfished in other parts of the World

Where is the research?

This Vessel can fish in one area and create localised depletion , what has AFAM put in place to stop this from occurring ?

Sid, what is AFMA doing to allay our fears on the East Coast of Tasmania’s Territorial Winter Jack mackerel Stocks being plundered by this fishing weapon of mass destruction?

AFMA are only concerned about the actual size of the  QUOTA.

OK Sid, 18 thousand tonnes, that’s 5% , so they can lease another 18 thousand tonnes which then equates to  36 thousand tonnes.

By May 2013, this turns over again. So we are now looking at 72000 tonnes of SPF Baitfish which could be fished in a twelve month period....

This 72ooo tonnes may be taken from around the Tasmanian coast lines.

Just to remind you Sid, 72 Thousand Tonnes equates to 72 Million Kilos of SPF Baitfish. 

This is Disgusting and absolutely disgraceful then they sell it to the very Country in Africa that they decimated and plundered several years ago....

How dare they do could you allow this to happen Sid...

Sid, this is a National Disgrace.

One person only on a vessel for 11 days only?

This requires at least 3 observers minimum.....


SUPER TRAWLER Requirements.

What we require.....

·         The effects on Fisheries by Super Trawlers.

·         Implementation of Spatial Management plans to minimize Localised Depletion.

·         Up to date Research into  stock assessments in all area’s.

·         Research into Local Area’s Territorial Fisheries and the impacts of over fishing on these.

·         And a thorough Understanding of Super Trawlers and their history and habbits.. (Google Super Trawlers and you will find it all)

·         Assessment and test of their trawl  Nets and bio catch release mechanisms.

·         Objectives and Understanding of Overseas Businesses in joint ventures arrangements. ( Setting ownership parameters like 10% Only like in Mining)

·         EU Subsidies, we must know this as it is Essential.... This is the most important point and must be built into any agreement.

·         AFMA should say come clean and tell us your business plan as its not Australian ownership?


Sid,  please make sure these are all known and we must stop this Industrial style fishing  in Australia as its very dangerous and will fail.

Remember Sid, 125.000 People are recreational fishermen and women in Tasmania and most of us are Voters.....

I know what I would do if I was you.......that’s not rocket science...

You would not want to be remembered as the federal member whom  supported the Vessel of Mass Destruction....

That would look good when its plastered around all of the fishing forums...


“Sid Sidebottom Supports the Vessel of Mass Destruction”

Very Anti Tasmanian Sid...

Please Stop the Trawler

Kind Regards

Martin Haley

On behalf of the Anti Trawler rally on Saturday

400 Boats and Vessels and 1600 People on these Vessels.


Martin Haley

Vice President


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