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5th September 2012

For immediate release

The Gillard Government last night declared WAR on the Australian recreational fishing community

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The Minister for Environment Hon Tony Burke last night revealed that the Dutch owned Vessel Abel Tasman (formally the Margiris) has been granted permission to over-exploit Australian Waters and to also exploit marine reserves that Australian Commercial Vessels have been locked out from.

We Fish Australia spokesperson Dale McClelland said The hypocrisy of this decision is galling and will be a thorn in the governments side until the next election.

“It is now amply apparent that no consideration of impacts from the super trawler’s operations on recreational fishing has occurred at all, nor the $8 Billion recreational fishing and boating generates in the Australian economy.

“As an absolute minimum the Minister for Fisheries Senator Ludwig should meet with RecFish Australia, Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation and all the State Recreational Fishing Peak Bodies and explain why recreational fisher’s valid concerns have been dismissed.

“The imposition of an enforceable ‘move on’ provision within cooee of a recreational fishing port to insure against the very real risk of localised depletions affecting recreational fishing was surely not that hard for the Minister to understand nor implement.

“The Minister’s response to the recreational fishing round table was veiled threats instead. “Recreational fishers across Australia are now well and truly awake to the government’s neglect

of recreational fishing and believe diplomacy from the peak bodies is nearing an end. This will be the last chance the government gets to talk with recreational fishers on this issue before the wet war begins” Dale McClelland said.

We Fish Australia now urge every angler to email both Minister for Fisheries Senator Joe Ludwig and Environment Minister Hon Tony Burke every day this week and to call their offices on Friday 7th September between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm voicing your concerns about this overseas owned vessel fishing Australian Waters.

Senator Joe Ludwig

Phone: (02) 6277 7520 or (07) 3229 4477

Email: joe.ludwig@maff.gov.au Mail PO Box 6022 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Minister Tony Burkes

Phone: (02) 6277 7640 or 02) 9750 9088

Email: Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au PO Box 6022 House of Representatives Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

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