Can you chip in a few dollars a month to kick destructive Super Trawlers out of Australia ?

The latest news is that a second Liberal Member of Parliament has publicly demanded a ban on all Super Trawlers!

Image: Bob Baldwin, who has come out for a Super Trawler ban, chatting to our new PM Malcolm Turnbull. Let's jump on this chance to boot the monster boats!

 Member for Paterson, Bob Baldwin, has joined Corangamite’s Sarah Henderson and demanded that we boot out the monster boats.   

This is a big deal. It was Abbott and Colebeck that opened the door to foreign Super Trawlers. But now the tides have turned. With a new Prime Minister and a federal election looming, we have a unique opportunity to get rid of the monster trawlers for good. This is our chance to end the dolphin deaths and plundering of local fish stock. 

Can you chip in a few dollars a month to kick destructive Super Trawlers out of Australia? 


With your support, we’ll target the politicians in the seats that Malcolm Turnbull needs to keep to stay Prime Minister. You’ll be part of the online campaign, but we’ll also organise the sports clubs, fish and chip shops, conservationists and recreational fishers, to tell their politicians that they won't stand for this greedy, unsustainable form of fishing.  That's how we beat the Margiris, and that's how we'll get a ban on all Super Trawlers. 

So let’s put a stop to these destructive monster trawlers, once and for all!

Are you in? Can you donate a few dollars a month? 


None of this happens without you - thank you for everything you do,  

Bec Hubbard.

(Bec is the coordinator of the Stop the Trawler Alliance, based at Environment Tasmania so that she can be nice and close to the Geelong Star's operator - Seafish Tasmania.)

P.S. With a new Prime Minister, an election looming and Liberal pollies starting to back us - we have a unique opportunity to get rid of these monster trawlers once and for all! Are you in? Click here to donate a few bucks a month.

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