Situation report on East Coast Algal Event Emergency Closures

A situation update dated 7 December is now available on the Emergency Fishery Closures webpage at

  • Sampling and testing indicates that Flathead and squid are safe to eat.
  • The area from Eddystone Point to the southern end of Marion Bay remains closed for fishing and taking of rock lobster and abalone for recreational fishers.
  • The recreational rock lobster and abalone closure will remain in place pending the results from rock lobster samples and other sampling within the closed area.
  • Results expected over the next week should give a better indication of how long the closures will be in place.

Public Health Contacts
For up to date information about public health alerts relating to eating shellfish, refer to the Director of Public Health's current Public Health warnings or phone the Department of Health and Human Services hotline on 1800 671 738.

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