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Rock Lobster Season - November Open Dates
The recreational rock lobster fishery in the Eastern Region will open on the third Saturday of November in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  This year the open date is 16 November 2013.
.The Western Region season start "day" has not changed and it will continue to open on the first Saturday of November.  This year the open date is 2 November 2013.
The closure dates for the female season and for the recreational fishery male closure have not changed.  The male rock lobster season for the recreational fishery closes on 31 August and the female season closes on 30 April.

The delay to the season start is part of a comprehensive package of new management arrangements directed at improving the rock lobster fishery on the East Coast.
Management Arrangements For the Rock Lobster Fishery for the East Coast
The Minister has announced new management arrangements that aim to rebuild rock lobster stocks on the East Coast.
Consultation on season dates was part of the rock lobster fishery review held between 2009 and 2011.  The final report recommended developing targeted management changes for the East Coast rock lobster fishery. Lower catch limits were implemented for the Eastern Region but adjustments to seasons were held over.   These are now part of a package of additional catch limitations for the recreational and commercial sectors.
The strategy developed for the East Coast includes:

  • Delaying the season opening for the recreational and commercial season by two weekends;
  • Maintaining the two weekend buffer, where the commercial season opens two weekends after the recreational fishery;
  • Additional winter closures of 2 x 6 week periods for the commercial fishery between Port Sorell and Penguin Island (south of Adventure Bay, Bruny Island); and
  • Introducing a commercial catch cap system to directly limit the catch between Eddystone Point and Penguin Island.

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Get hooked with Fishcare

Fishcare Tasmania is looking for new recruits, particularly in the south and north west.  Becoming a volunteer is a rewarding, fun and practical way in educating other fishers about responsible fishing.  

Fishcare Cordinators based at Wynyard, Launceston and Hobart support volunteers and organise regional activities. Fishcare volunteers attend community events in their local communities and around the State.

A fisheries information and training weekend for new and existing volunteers will be held in September.

If you are interested contact Rob Green on 6233 6208 or Damian Heran on 6443 8624 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information or to hook up with Fishcare on Facebook goto

Checkout the Fishcare Tasmania Facebook page or the Fishcare Calendar of Events on our web page to our vast range of activities.  

More information?

  •     call the Recreational Sea Fishing Line on (03) 6233 7042 or 1300 720 647;
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