fisheries tasScallop season is here

fisheries tas scallop

Who needs Easter eggs when there are scallops to be caught? The recreational season is now open except for the D'Entrecasteaux Channel.
Measuring gauges are available from Service Tasmania outlets.
Remember to measure and count scallops underwater as you dive. Highgrading your catch is not allowed, that is, you can't bring more than your daily bag limit of 50 scallops back to your boat and sort them there.

Scallop rules reminder

Flathead catch limits

fisheries tas flatheadHow many flatties can I keep?

For sand and tiger flathead (combined):
Daily bag limit: 20 (the number of flathead you can take in one day)
Possession limit: 30 (the number of flathead you can have in total in Tasmania including in your home or car)
Boat limit: No boat limit (the number of fish that can be in a boat at one time)
These are individual limits (not for groups), so each recreational fisher can possess these amounts, for example, in your house each fisher can possess up to 30 flathead.

Check catch limits | Size limit reminder

fisheries tas flathead underWhat an undersize flattie can cost you

  1. Your reputation! Just ask the Aussie cricket team how expensive one bad decision can be.
  2. A big fine. Fines for possessing undersize flathead start at around $300. If large numbers of fish are involved this can increase by thousands of dollars. You also risk confiscation of your gear and boat.
  3. Fish for the future. Taking fish below the size limit means that they haven't been able to breed before being caught, leading to fewer fish next season.

Check size limits
fisheries tas lobster

Dispatching lobster humanely

Lobster fishing at Easter? Learn how to dispatch your catch humanely.

The recommended method for crustaceans is:

1) Stunning the lobster by chilling it in cold air or an ice saltwater slurry for at least 20 minutes.

2) Once the lobster is stunned, the RSPCA advise it should be mechanically killed as quickly as possible by splitting it along the longitudinal midline on its underside.

More details are available from the RSPCA Australia website.


Public health warning - Port Esperance wild shellfish warning

The DHHS have issued a public health alert advising not to eat wild shellfish from the Port Esperance region in Southern Tasmania.

The advice relates to oysters, mussels, clams, pipis, cockles and wedge shells. Abalone, scallop roes and the intestines and livers of rock lobster can also be affected when toxic algal blooms are present.

Seafood in shops and restaurants is safe to eat.

Read the public health alert

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Ring Fishwatch

fisheries tas fish watch

How do I report illegal fishing?
Call Fishwatch on 0427 655 557, the Marine Police 24 hour hotline with these details:

Time and location of offence;
Names and photos of people involved;
Boat names and car regos; and
Fishing gear identification such as pot or net buoy numbers.

Recreational Fisheries Section, DPIPWE
Phone: 1300 720 647
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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