Salmon escape creates fishing frenzy


Southern recreational fishers are excitedly chasing large Atlantic salmon in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel area after 50,000 escaped from a damaged fish pen last Monday.

In all the frenzy it's important to remember:

The bag limit is 12, possession limit is 24 and there is no boat limit. If you are fishing in inland waters, the bag limit is 5 and you need an inland fisheries licence.
You cannot sell, buy, barter or raffle recreationally caught fish but you are allowed to give your catch away.
If using a net, check the rules and be a responsible netter.
Keep boat ramps and fishing areas clean. Take fish waste with you and dispose of it in your household rubbish or compost it in your garden.
Seal interactions
The salmon escape is in an area where resident seals may be present. If you are using a gillnet, this provides an opportunity for seals to take fish from your net. Seals may behave unpredictably and defend net-caught salmon so be cautious when pulling nets.

Avoid interactions with seals where possible and don't throw fish waste to them.

Keep notes on your catch
We're working with IMAS researchers to better understand the latest escape event, building on their survey from 2018. You can be a citizen scientist and help by keeping notes on:

Date and location fished, number of salmon caught (helps to understand dispersal and catch trends).
The salmon's stomach contents: how many have food in their stomachs (what type of food) and how many are empty (helps to understand ecological impacts).
Keep your notes handy as the IMAS survey will be available shortly via their Facebook page.

ECSRZ rock lobster season opening

rock lobster2

The East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone (ECSRZ) opens for recreational rock lobster fishing on Saturday 5 December.

You can possess a pot on state waters including the ECSRZ from 6am on Friday 4 December and set it after 1pm. Pots can then be pulled after midnight on Saturday 5 December when the season is open.

Scallop season closing


A reminder to fishers that the recreational scallop season is closed from 1 December.

Scallop fishers should look out for our post-season survey in coming weeks. We'll be asking about fishing quality, scallop condition and your thoughts on the delayed but longer 2020 season. Licence holders will be sent the survey directly via email.

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