arthurs lake
The brown trout in the
Arthurs Lake spawning
run were in good
condition this year 

The fishing at Arthurs Lake is a good news story. Fishing has steadily improved over the past five years. The number of fish in the 2021 spawning run was our largest in many years with over 14 500 brown trout being counted through the three Arthurs Lake fish traps and allowed to travel on upstream to spawn. The spawning fish were in good condition. Anglers reported some good catches in the past season.

Winter rain kept the lake at a good level and it is still rising. This will give shore-based anglers plenty of options. The shallow areas around Hydro Bay, Cowpaddock Bay and Jonah Bay will be productive for bait fishermen. In September, it is hard to look past an earth worm fished close to the edge. The colder it is, the further out your worm should be cast. There is no need to try and get fancy with different baits. Steady and rising water levels will bring worms into the lake.

These shallow areas are also the best and most popular spots for shore based fly and lure anglers. Carefully wading in knee deep water and fishing slowly into depressions and around structure will be productive. More and more fish will move on shore as the weather and water warms.

Trollers, lure casters and fly fishermen will do well fishing around 3m – 4m below the surface over deep weed beds. This depth is productive in September and anglers should be fishing slowly with large, dark coloured lures and flies. Fish are wanting to put weight back on after spawning and will eat bigger offerings than they will at other times. The water is often warmer at this depth which attracts large quantities of fish. If spring is mild and the water warms quickly, the shallows will then become more productive.

The lake has a good number of bait fish on which trout feed. Any rocky point with the wind blowing onto or around is worth fishing. Trollers using black and purple near the submerged rocks on the northern and southern points of Seven Pound Bay will have success. Look for similar spots elsewhere.

South westerly weather is common in September and Arthurs Lake is exposed to these cold winds. Calm areas in front of the shacks at Pumphouse Bay and along the shore south of Creely Bay will provide some protection.

Five tagged fish, each worth $2 000, have been released into Arthurs Lake for the 2021 season. The best way to catch these fish is to spend time on the water and keep casting. If you are not successful in pursuit of a tagged fish, the number of good quality browns you land will more than make up for it. There is no reason not to be excited about fishing Arthurs Lake this season.



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