High Water Levels a Safety Risk

by Sarah Graham IFS
Increasing water levels bring the risk of flooding, floating debris and submerged obstacles - Keep a look out!

Hydro Tasmania and the Inland Fisheries Service are concerned that increasing water levels in the State’s inland waters may pose a safety risk for boaters and other inland water users.

Hydro Tasmania spokesman Land Management Officer, Michael Bidwell, said the fairly quick rise in water levels at some lakes has seen an increase in floating debris and boaters are advised to keep watch when operating at high speeds. This is particularly important in waters such as Lake Echo and Lake Gordon where the increasing water levels have covered large areas of new ground around the lake shores.

With the holidays coming up and more people boating, Marine and Safety Tasmania is advising boaters to have someone on board specifically to look out for floating debris. This recommendation is for all boating activities on all waters across the State during the current high water levels.

Camping close to rivers and streams can also pose a risk if water levels rise as a result of rain falling in upper catchments. Campers are advised, therefore to stay clear of streams and lake edges due to rising levels.

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