Waterhouse Report

We headed to the shack at Blackman's Lagoon on Wednesday and stayed through to Sunday. Headed out on Blackman's in the tinny for a couple of hours, bagging a 3lb brown trout in good condition on a black and gold T-tail.
On Thursday, Jonny and I headed out on the sea in the afternoon at South Croppies. We caught 58 flathead, 3 undersize gummies and a squid in a 3 hour stint. 

On Saturday, four of us went out at South Croppies. We could only manage a dozen flathead in very calm conditions and a couple of pike, but caught 4 calamari sighting them with our polaroids when they were close to shore.
On Sunday, four of us launched off Blizzard's Landing. The weather wasn't much chop but we got 10 big pike before the weather got so bad that we had to go in. All in all we had a great holiday and ate heaps of fresh fish.

President Stu.






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