Yamaha V8 425 XTOOnce again Yamaha has set the benchmark in bringing innovative, big horsepower outboards to the market with the launch of the new V8 425 XTO (Extreme Offshore) outboard.

This massive 425-horsepower V8 engine has been designed from the ground up to deliver extreme power and thrust, combined with a fully integrated power and control system to create a whole new level of boating experience.

Powered by a big bore, 5.6 litre, naturally aspirated engine, the V8 425 XTO has been engineered to drive large props for maximum thrust. Jason Harris, Yamaha Motor Australia’s Marine Manager said, “This revolutionary outboard opens up a whole new class of large outboard driven boats, delivering a more reliable, fuel efficient and extremely powerful engine solution for offshore fishing, pleasure, commercial and tourism boats.”

This high horsepower engine delivers more than just extreme power, with Yamaha introducing new technologies that have never been seen in the marine industry. “The V8 425 XTO is not just an outboard, it is a fully integrated power and control system. “Our engineering team have developed an industry-first fully integrated electric steering system, that has no mechanical hydraulics or electric pumps. This system is truly revolutionary, with industry leading features like rpm dependant lock to lock adjustment and steering friction adjustment at your fingertips.

This ‘steer-by-wire’ system is combined with our updated premium CL7 multifunction touchscreen display, advanced ‘drive-by-wire’ throttle controls and updated feature packed Helm Master joystick docking and positioning system, to create a truly effortless boating experience,” Jason said. To maximise the V8 425 XTO’s performance, Yamaha has developed the first ever four-stroke direct fuel injection powerhead. This delivers the highest compression ratio of any outboard - which is only made possible through direct injection.

To ensure this massive power translates directly to the water, Yamaha has exclusively designed a large diameter XTO OS Propeller. The large bladed surface area delivers extreme thrust for excellent acceleration, cruising and top-end speeds, as well as complimenting Yamaha’s new exhaust venting technology to provide industry leading reverse thrust and control. Other features include an oversized gearcase, hardened gears, a robust, offshore wide-span bracket and engine mounts, and proven plasma fusion technology for increased durability and lighter weight.

Running a large 90 Amp power generation system, the V8 425 XTO delivers more than enough punch to run the large array of electrical devices in today’s modern and extreme boats. Improved engine care and accessibility were also at top of mind for the design of this engine. Yamaha has introduced an in-water gear lubricant change-out system, which allows the outboard to be serviced while the boat is still on the water, saving on expensive haul out costs. The multi-part cowling system also provides added convenience by allowing quick and easy access to key parts of the outboard.

To compliment the extreme power and innovative technologies of this awesome outboard, Yamaha’s designers have gone with a very stylish, compact and powerful looking design aesthetic, ensuring the V8 425 XTO will be the envy of every boater on the water.

This outboard will be available to the Australian marketing in August.

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