Magnum Tropic

When Scientific Anglers released their Sharkskin Magnum Taper fly line in 2008, it immediately found a niche among fly fishers seeking a line that could excel in windy conditions, turn over wind resistance flies and deliver heavy strike-indicator nymph rigs.

SHIMANO Twin power SW reel

Twin Power

Born of the same engineering pedigree as the world's number one threadline - Stella, the TwinPower SW carves its own niche amongst the range of ultra-high performance reels that Shimano has become renowned for.

Williamson's NEW Live Ballyhoo Hybrid, now available!

Bally Hood

Buying a boat - Don't have a barbeque

Hadley Deegan has been boating for virtually all of his (almost 40) years. From a toddler to taking over the Family Business (Deegan Marine) Hadley has spent thousands of hours in boats. From fishing and racing to selling boats he has done it all. So TFBN thought who better to ask about advice on buying a boat than Hadley.
Whilst this is skewed a little in regard to new boats it applies equally to used boats.

Deegan Marine Launches New Website

Hadley Deegan, dealer principal at Deegan Marine recently announced the upgrade of their new website.

'This will allow us to keep boaters completely up to date with the latest developments and all the boats we have available.'

'We have a huge range of boats and boaters can sit in the comfort of their home and peruse new and used boats. This is something we have been working on for a long time and it will be a work in progress" Hadley explained. "Our slogan We Take Tasmania Boating is testament to the wide range of boats and services we offer."

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New awesome Bar Crusher 760HT

For the Ride of your Life check out the awesome, wave taming, comfort, style and performance of the new Bar Crusher 760HT 

Squidgies in Tasmania

by Steve Starling

During the first half of November, 2002, I was lucky enough to spend eight days touring Tasmania with my good mates and fellow angling communicators, Kaj "Bushy" Busch and Ian "Barra" Miller, as well as Shimano Australia's Managing Director, Mark Mikkelsen, and local Shimano sales rep', Paul Ellis. The purpose of our visit was to promote the Blue Fox Squidgy range of soft plastic lures and accessories that Bushy, Ian and I have designed for the Rapala/VMC Corporation (distributed here in Australia by the good folks at Shimano) and to generally raise soft plastic awareness and skill levels in the Apple Isle.

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