Leven River Report 6/11/2011

Trev and I had a couple of hours fishing the Leven River on Sunday after a tip off from a mate at work.
The first fish caught was on the first cast of the day and it just got better from there!.

We had several double hook-ups and were both using hard body lures in a short & sharp little session. We ended up catching 15 with hits and losses every 5 or 6 casts. As you have probably gathered by now, Trev and I love heading off to experience some of the many fantastic waterways this state offers and after fishing this place, we would rate it up there with the best of them. Another unexpected bonus that we came across was the sight of a freshwater lobster walking along the river bed.
We found most of the area (that we were fishing in at least) was shallow enough to wade and even though we only covered a very small part of this river on this trip, we are determined to change that next time.
I can’t emphasise enough what a great little river this is, as it seems to be teeming with trout.
All fish caught were browns.

Ps, I noticed in a recent report that President Jim Mckenna got a stirring about the state of his soft plastic bag.

Since I viewed many of our product, ( Tassie Tackle Yep Lures) in it, a couple of packets of our new product “Devils Tongue” are on their way to you Jimmy, please email me your postal address and let me know what you think when you give them a try  please mate.


Dale and Trev

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