Lofty's techniques to improve your catch rates

Greg "Lofty" Hynes shares some of his time proven techniques.

It never ceases to amaze me that anglers go out trolling on the same lake, with the same lures, fishing the same areas and with all apparent things the same. Some anglers catch their bag, others none, or very little. There are several subtle differences that I have developed over the years. Try these and see if you can improve your catch rate.

I believe too many anglers use line that is too heavy, with too many Christmas decorations. My rule of thumb is 4 kg line or less with a maximum thinkness of .025 mm, no anti kinks, no fly droppers, no snap, swivela, no beads. Use a small number 14 black swivel 600 mm up the line, run the line through the centre of the lure and tie it to a number 2 split ring attached to the treble. The less artificial junk on the line the better, and the better the lure will work. Let the fish see the flash of the lure and nothing else. I only manufacture lures with centres in them because the market demands it.

When trolling a new lake check with the locals where the weed beds are, this is where the fish are. Troll with a good long cast out the back and then some more. The lure needs to be well back. This is especially true in shallow lakes as I'm sure the boat spooks them. Trolling a long line lets them move back to where they were.

Speed is critical, a good fish finder with speed is well worth the money. Most of my fish are caught between 2.7 to 3.2 kph. If you haven't got a fish finder make sure the rod has a nice kicking action. If the rod stops, it's constant throbbing it's probably weed on your lure. Keep the rod level with the water, not stuck up in the air; it drags the lure up to the surface.

Set the drag very lightly, I have mine set as light as possible. It doesn't need to be set up high to set the hook, the fish will generally hook itself. It is suprising how big fish can be landed by playing it out, instead of horsing it in. When you catch a fish take note of where you hooked it. Troll back over the area several more times. You are probably over a weed bed . My top lures are; 2, 14, 25, 35, 43, 48 and 54. Good luck and tight lines. "Lofty'

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