Liawenee Trout Weekend 

The Liawenee Trout weekend was a great success and was attended by a large number of anglers from all around the state. It was great to see so many brown trout in the fish trap and it proves what a fantastic resource the Great Lake is for trout fishing all around the state.

There are a lot of fish being transferred from the Great Lake to some of the Western Lakes that have low recruitment levels and to many other waters. This keeps these waters viable for fishing. Eggs that are collected from the fish and go to the hatchery to provide the state with wild fish that are the backbone of the stocking programs. All of this activity comes at a cost and is funded by your licence fees.

There are plenty of Australian Salmon being caught in the Marrawah area. We are getting reports from various locations in the area and all seem to be yielding fish when the weather is right for that particular spot.

A couple of keen anglers were there on the weekend of 23/24 May and found the sea very flat with an offshore breeze. They were doing quite well but decided to change tactics and put out some berley. This brought immediate results with salmon coming in close to shore and they were able to use soft plastics to great effect.

Berley is something that will generally improve your catch. It entices fish into the area where you are fishing whether it be from a boat or from the shore. There are many recipes for berley from store bought preparations to home made mixtures of minced up fish, bread and pellets. Whatever you choose a key component is fish or tuna oil which should be readily available from your local tackle store.

Eaglehawk Neck is still producing a lot of southern bluefin tuna. There are plenty of fish being caught with a few huge ones among them. The red hot tip is to keep your lures small around 15cm. Meridian Saltshakers and Demons in darker colours such as super donger have been among the more successful lures.

Neil Gray

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