Yanagiba Sashimi Knives

In Japan, preparing sushi and sashimi is very serious business. One of the most important requirements is that sliced meat be smooth, shiny and sharp when viewed through a microscope. This kind of precision can only be accomplished with a special knife like a Yanagiba.
The Yanagiba is a long, very thin, single beveled (usually on the right side) sushi knife used in preparing sashimi and sushi. For lefties a left hand version can be obtained that are beveled on the left side, but they are often much more expensive.


Sashimi knives are specifically designed to be pulled in one direction, the goal of which is to execute the cut, or slice, in one continuous motion beginning at the heel of the knife and ending at the tip. No pushing action is recommended as this would ruin the smoothly cut surface of the meat and probably tear it.
The thinness of the blade allows the knife to be pulled with very little force which aids in the cutting action. Higher quality knives have a slight depression on the back (or flat) side to keep the piece from sticking, allowing it to be removed easily.
sashimi-knife-400The length of these knives varies from 20 to 30 cm (blade length). There is no “best” size. Mostly it’s a matter of personal preference. Longer knives can take a little getting used to, but remember sashimi should be cut in one motion. You should never go backwards and forwards.
We have imported some 30cm (blade length) sashimi knives and have these available for $125 including postage. They are beautiful in the hand and perfect for bluefin, salmon and any other fish you like to have as sashimi.

If you would like one contact mike at tasfish


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