What has happened to Tasfish

Well firstly, we survived the great Hack and Crash of 2016 ... Thanks to support from 41stdegree and relocation to Netvirtue we are now better, stronger and more informative than ever ! NetVirtue supplied incredible support in the re-construction and restoration of the site.

  • All back issue articles are now available. Instead of being collected as "Issue 95", articles are now collected together according to their topic. Have a look at Articles in the menu, to the left of where you are reading. This is a link to all of the articles
  • Articles have an assciated "tag" to make searching easier. Some categories now include a google map, for example, look at Lakes. Here is a list of all the "tags"
  • If you should accidentally type http://www.tasfish.com.au it will work ! But as usual, stick to http://tasfish.com
  • TasFish is now Responsive - It checks if you are on a mobile phone, tablet or traditional PC and adjusts the display to fit.  - see this article

Please feel free to leave feedback via facebook or the Contact Us link
And special thanks to Mike for his patience and support.
Stephen, Tasfish Web Development

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