Great Lake Report 29/1/2012

With having Friday off and an extended weekend I decided to go to the Great Lake to try my luck, as it goes my luck payed off. Got onto the lake at 6.40 pm by 6.50 my luck started.

First fish a 2.5 pound Browny, by 8.45pm I had 6 Browns and 2 Rainbows all in good condition between 1.5 and 3 pound.
This kind of kept me busy winding in fish, netting and driving the boat at the same time. But I battled on, I was happier than a kid with a new toy knowing I had got one of those days when the fish were going for my lures and not everyone else’s.
Saturday came, with having 8 fish in the esky on ice I had the morning off and waited for one of my friends to come up.
We started fishing 6pm by 9pm between us we got another 7 Browns of similar size and all in good condition.
Most of the fish caught were feeding on Gum beetles and large Mozzie looking flies, talking to some other boats, there was a lot of fishing done with not a lot of success; I guess you could say I had a really good weekend.
Until next time,
Tight lines,  Brett Woodberry.


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