Cramps Bay February 7th 2010

Left home with my eldest daughter (Demi) at 4 am this morning.
Half way up Poatina Hill we were met by a fellow running down the road toward us and frantically waving his arms, as we pulled up he told us that a Log Truck had broken down on a blind bend just up from us, if he hadn't of told us, there would be a fair chance we would have run smack bang up its clacker!!.

Arrived at the Cramps boat ramp in perfect time just as daylight broke as another car pulled up, after exchanging pleasantries about how crazy we were in the semi darkness, the voice said, is that you Todd ?
 It was Shaun Slevic from the Cressy Hatchery,....... "dont you see enough bloody trout" ?  I said.
He stated that he is still a mad keen fly fisher and has been doing well in the windlanes behind the island as you look out from Cramps and as the conditions were perfect, that's exactly where he was last seen heading for.
We fished plastics along the shoreline out of Cramps for two fish in average condition, definitely not in the nick of those at nearby Boundary Bay who are ahead "'condition wise" in leaps and bounds.
A  large caddis hatch along the Lakes edge whilst cooking breakfast on the shore saw fish rising only spasmodically to them and most seemed quite small, but that being said, we saw a fly fisher land what looked like a decent one as we drifted past later on.
Looking at going shark fishing on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday  (when the kids go back to school)....if I can get Stevens off his butt and out of the office.
A beautiful day, time spent with my daughter, Egg n Bacon Rolls even a Cappuccino frothed beautifully with the "swizzler." (an in joke!!)
 So there you go, nothing to brag about this time,  but alls good with the world....and every trips an adventure it seems.







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