Lake Leake Christmas 2011

Just before Christmas last year, my brother (10), sister (15) and I (14) went out on Lake Leake fishing. We weren’t out on the water for more than 5 minutes; Connor hooked a small brown, then Gracie-mae but both under size.  Not long after that I hooked something that felt like a log, it was pulling like a freight train!! When we got it up to the side of the boat, it was monster red fin perch!!  We got it in the boat measured and weighed in at 45cm, 2.7pounds, it was a whopper.

We trolled up to the Snowy (top end of the lake), where we decided to stop and have a few casts. Gracie-mae hooked another brown, this one was legal and 32cm, Connor landed a rainbow 30cm. Finally, I hooked a small 30cm rainbow too.  
After that we trolled around and ended up catching another 9 under size browns & rainbows.
It’s nice to catch them and throw them back, to grow in to bigger fish for the future!
It was fantastic days fishing; it just was a shame that the fish were so small. But the small fish still can be a whole lot of fun!!!
Samuel Evans





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