Tassie Paddlers: YEP Tackle Fish-off - Johnsons Beach Penguin

We had a fantastic weekend with NO RAIN. I finally got it right. I would like to thank the members from www.Tassiepaddlers.net that entered this event. Also thanks to Dale and Yep tackle for sponsoring this event. Like Spork said a successful event. A great Friday evening with a catch up tea and a few bevies and once again we solved the world’s problems with our friendly possum wanting to taste Legs’ toe but with no luck, it was time for an early night around 11pm. Spork set the wake up alarm for 6:30 but I think members were up around 5:30- 6:00 We had a hearty breakfast then it was time to convoy to the fishing spot. What a remarkable great day on the water all catching something, squid being the flavour of the day.
After a few hours on the water catching squid and wrasse as well as the occasional couta we returned to shore where Spork gave us all a lesson on how to clean squid this was an informative lesson and worth watching. Most squid were caught by squid jigs apart from one that was latched onto a couta and caught. Drift fishing for flathead was the method used by most members but the wind and outgoing tide made this hard for those without a sea anchor. Sea anchors can be bought at Tamar Marine or if you’re in need of one sooner, a length of rope attached to a bucket with holes in it and a bit of pool noodle will do the job just fine. This is what I use.
This Barber Perch was caught and landed by Legs as he was drifting and using a YEP PINK GLASSIES. Barber Perch are classified as a pelagic schooling fish and supposed to be fairly good eating, but they only grow to 260mm. It seemed to me and the other members that no matter what YEP lure you put on, something would attack it. Sometimes with success and sometimes the plastic was just smashed by something that needed it more than you did. Yes this means there are big fish out there.
Around 1 o’clockish the wind got up so we decided to head back to the block and maybe fish the river. Tea time was a treat with entrée being BBQ Squid in sweet chilli sauce cooked by our gourmet cook Spork. Thanks another lesson how to cook squid. It’s as simple as very hot plate and seconds on each side you then don’t have that rubbery taste that makes you just chew and chew I must say these ones melted in your mouth being fresh always helps. Well after tea the presentations were handed out thanks to Dale and Yep tassie tackle
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