St.Helens Report March 12 2011

Fished Saturday hoping to get onto some albacore this time and got plenty with no stripies this time. Caught around 17 all around 2 kilos average weight.
They were all caught on the 100 metre mark.

We trolled out to the Binalong patch but nothing happening on the shelf, we burlyed for a mako for about 3 hours but nothing. The next day went to the 100 metre mark again and we had a good trolling session catching 20 albies and one stripie, all same size. A couple of makos were caught by other anglers 100 plus kilos and 68 kilos, a couple good albacore, one around the 20kg mark and another 15 kgs and a mate of mine caught some nice striped trumpeter and three bluefin tuna around the 25kg mark down south .So the bluefin season looks promising.




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