St Helens Fishing report

by Phil Zanetto
Fishing report on St.Helens over the xmas break.
Managed four "half days" fishing out wide when the wind wasn’t blowing,fished south of St.Helens island on two occasions and caught plenty of nice sand and tiger flatties, a few gummy sharks, some latchet and the usual pests of the sea ..the red gurnard.

Caught fish in 30 to 40 metres of water, two kms south of the island, also had a fish out to the gravel patch which is about 6 kms east of the point hoping to get onto a few stripy trumpeter - but not this time.

We caught some nice morwong though and had a fish up off Binnalong Bay for some more nice size tiger and sand flatties, plenty of those pestie dog sharks, a couple more latchet and a couple of squid.

We normally catch a lot of squid this time of year but a bit scarce at the moment at St.helens.

We finished off this day with a troll out to the 100 metre mark for some albacore but to no avail, still a bit early, have caught them at this time of year before though.

A friend of mine caught one the day before while drop lining on the shelf, he caught it on bait as it was descending to the bottom, they also caught some gem fish.

Back at the ramp we saw a nice mako shark in one of the boats that had just come in.

In the bay, we had a couple of sessions for some salmon and flatties, saw some pics from another fellow that caught a couple of big flatties around 55 cm caught on soft plastics as well as a King George whiting.

Had a great holiday fishing with my son Bailey, Glen, Jack & brothers Steve , Paul and Nathan Zanetto.

Phil Zanetto

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