Lake Augusta 1/12/2013

Had a trip up to Lake Augusta today with my brother Paul and his son Nathan. We arrived around 11am and finished around 7pm. It was mostly sunny and a light southerly breeze. We managed to catch 13 trout, one being a rainbow. It was Nathans first time here and one day he wont forget as he bagged out. The fish were caught on yep red nut, berkley black & gold t.tails and olive pearl t.tails. The size of fish was around 1lb up to 3lb.most in good nick,a couple were average. The fish had been feeding on scud and gum beetles.
 We saw a lot of fish taking gummies throughout the afternoon,next trip here will bring the flyrods. I didn't think the weather was going be so good today. We lost a hell of a lot of fish today as well, they would thrash about on top jumping all over the place when hooked and throw the hooks on several occasions. I think at one stage we lost four or five fish in a row - very frustrating. It was a top days fishing though, great weather and only one other boat.
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