New launching area for Lake Mackintosh

In response to concerns from the angling community regarding safe launching and retrieval of boats in southerly or south – westerly weather MAST has provided funding to upgrade the boat ramp at Lake Mackintosh.
Various proposals have been considered and a site meeting was held in May 2012 with representatives from Hydro, MAST, IFS and local anglers to explore all the options.

It was agreed at this meeting that it would be impractical and expensive to upgrade the existing facility therefore a new launching area should be developed. A site was identified approximately 250m north of the existing ramp which is protected from southerly winds.
Further investigation by depth sounding the area confirmed that there was sufficient depth at all lake levels. Site works commenced on 30 May to take advantage of reasonably low lake level (-5.4m FSL). A gravel launching area has been established that will provide boat launching to at least -6.5m FSL. Further improvements will be made as required if the lake level drops further. In addition a large turning and parking area was established and the access track improved. A boat ramp sign has been installed to identify the new launching area.
The close proximity to the existing ramp means that anglers will be able to launch at either ramp and retrieve at the alternate site if the weather changes whilst they are out on the water.
The new facility will be monitored by MAST and IFS over the next angling season and further improvements considered if required. Anglers are encouraged to provide feedback and comments by phoning 1300463474 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
IFS would like to thank MAST, Hydro and local anglers, in particular Kerry Hay who kindly used his boat to do the sounding, for their assistance and cooperation.
Lake Mackintosh is a short drive from picturesque Tullah and Lake Rosebery in the North West. Spectacular scenery and great fishing for rainbow and brown trout as well as an extended angling season make Lake Mackintosh an attractive destination for next season. If you are making the trip to this area, stay a few days and have a crack at the fantastic brook trout available at Lakes Plimsoll, Selina and Rolleston.


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