Coastal Catches 10/11/2011

The long weekend turned out to be a ripper with many anglers taking full advantage of the good weather. There were a lot of people up in the Highlands and I am told that the saltwater was very popular as well.
Arthurs Lake is starting to fish really well. The fish are in superb condition and if you want a few fish to take home for the table you won’t find any better.

One of the Guides had a great day with a client in the northern end of the lake. They were fly fishing and boated 28 fish for the day. The water level is still extremely high so a boat is a big advantage.
There were a number of anglers out and about in the nineteen lagoons area and while many found conditions difficult there was some great sight fishing to be had. Polaroiding was the order of the day. This is where you put on a pair of polaroid sunglasses and walk along the shore or wade with the sun behind you which enables you to see into the water and spot fish. It is a very effective way to catch fish if you are fly-fishing but I have heard of soft plastics and hard bodies being used. A bit of a breeze makes conditions perfect because when the water is calm the fish will more often than not see you before you see them. If you haven’t tried polaroiding give it a go and you will discover a new aspect of fishing.
There were a few Snotty trevally caught off the Stanley wharf on the weekend and also a surprise catch of a Snapper. Couta and Mullet were also caught. If you want to target snotty trevally use a size 2 hook with chicken as bait. Use as small a sinker as possible and lower it into the water until you can’t see the bait anymore. One of the Snotty Trevally gurus told me that tearing the chicken is better than cutting it. His theory is it looks more natural in the water. He catches plenty of fish so there is probably something in it.
If you are down in the Stanley area you could also have a look at western Inlet where Silver Trevally, Pike and Australian Salmon are being caught.
The Devonport Angling Club are holding a junior angling day at Taylors Dam at Latrobe this Sunday from 10am till 3pm. They have just restocked the dam with new fish so it will be a good day. The road to the dam is opposite Anvers Chocolate on the Bass Highway.
Tight lines till next week.



Mason Flanigan - 1st Brown for the year


Shaun Scarf Highlands Lakes BrownTrout


Tristan Blake Atlantics Barrington Rainbow


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