Coastal Catches 18/4/2013

The next two weeks are the last hurrah for the Brown Trout season and many anglers organise a “last trip” of the season in this time. The Great Lake is well worth a try as there has been some really nice fish caught recently. The Great Lake has plenty of Rainbow Trout and if you are lucky enough to catch one, they normally put on a spectacular show leaping out of the water in their quest to escape. Swan Bay is a good spot in the evening if you strip a large wet fly or a dark spinner.

A couple of our customers had a successful trip to Sinking Rock at Marrawah early this week. There were some good sized Australian Salmon caught and a big one got away that they were sure was a Yellowtail Kingfish. They also took some floating surface poppers with them and had a lot of fun watching the Salmon chasing them down. If you haven’t given these a try they are a useful addition to your tackle box.

There were quite a few Australian Salmon in Western Inlet at Stanley on the weekend. They can be caught from the shore but a Kayak or boat will give you an advantage. If you are fishing from the shore try a Silver Slice style lure as the extra weight will give you a longer cast and get your lure to where the fish are.

Eaglehawk Neck has been quiet this week and everyone is hoping the Bluefin turn up in good numbers soon. If the weather is suitable the West Coast is certainly worth a try and the weather is looking good for this weekend. The other bonus is if there are no Bluefin about there is a good chance of catching a Stripy Trumpeter.

Gummy Shark have been caught out off Ulverstone and Devonport during the week. It’s worthwhile having a fish for them at night off the beach. Sometimes it’s hard to drag yourself away from a nice warm fire but with the moon starting to build up to full over the next couple of weeks now is the time to go.



Bruce Brown with a 5kg Dolphin fish that he caught at South West Rocks NSW recently.




 Stuart Hill with a cracking Stripy Trumpeter caught out off Strahan.

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