Atlantic Star

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This is the article from the Tasmanian Times:
"The Margiris has had other lives ... all of them spell trouble.

The American Pelagic Fishing Company commissioned this vessel as The Atlantic Star; at some 369 feet long she cost them $40 million.

In 1997 Pelagic obtained the required permits from the American authorities to fish in American waters.The outcry was such that Congress revoked her permits. The Atlantic Star because of its size was the only vessel so affected.

Pelagic sued the American Government for loss of profits and were awarded $37,275,952 in compensation based on the ship’s so-called rental value. This after a long court case was finally overturned.

Pelagic then attempted to use the vessel outside American waters in the Baltic Sea as a mother ship but this was not profitable and she was sent to West Africa the only place it could gain fishing rights.

It then changed its name to the Annelies Ilena and now runs under the name Magiris.

Doubtless with this track record the permits can be granted then contested in Australian courts and - like Gunns - the mug Tasmanian and Australian taxpayers will fork out all that lovely compensation.

So on its third alias the factory ship no one wants will wend its way to down town Devonport in Tasmania the home for the unwanted.

It is persona non grata in American and West African waters but much loved by those Tasmanian senators in Canberra.

Will Erich Abetz greet them on dockside?"
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