News from IFS March 2011

Latest Anglers Access Project completed on the Meander River
by Sarah Graham
The latest Angler Access Project has been completed for the Meander River under funding from the Inland Fisheries Service and Federal Government, provided through Anglers Alliance Tasmania. It follows the other successful river access projects on the River Leven, Brumbys Creek and the Lake, North Esk and Macquarie rivers.

As with the previous projects, the work on the Meander has resulted in improved access for anglers to sections of the river which provide excellent angling potential. It will not only enhance the attraction to the area but also add to the reputation of Tasmania’s northern rivers as providing some of the State’s premier trout fishing locations. This project is particularly timely for the Meander River because of improved fish quality and quantity since the completion of the Meander Dam, which has resulted in consistent flows in the river below the Dam. The combination of great fishing in the newly created Huntsman Lake, nearby Brushy Lagoon and Four Springs Lake provides a significant recreation and tourism opportunity for the Meander Valley region.
The Meander River project has involved the installation of over 25 fence stiles and crossings, dozens of electric fence insulators, warning and information signs, steps, gates, footbridges, paths and tracks between Hadspen and Meander providing foot access to approximately 30km of river.
The Meander River Access Brochure is now available via the website or through tackle shops. It contains a high quality map detailing all the access locations and angling information.

Inland Fisheries Corporate Clean up Day

by Sarah Graham
Staff of the Inland Fisheries Service participated again this year in the annual Australia Day Corporate Clean Up Day, which was held on Tuesday 1 March, gathering over 100 large bags of rubbish.
Despite the hostile winter weather, they were not deterred from the job of picking up rubbish left lying around some of the State’s most spectacular fishing locations. These included Woods Lake, Arthurs Lake, Lake Echo, Dee Lagoon, Wayatinah Lagoon, Lake Catagunya, Repulse Dam and Cluny Lagoon. The question of why anyone would not respect the natural beauty of these areas and take their rubbish home with them is bewildering.
Four teams of up to four staff were deployed at eight different locations in the Central Highlands district. Each team was supplied with clean up equipment provided by Clean Up Australia organisation, such as bags, gloves and sharps containers. The Service used its own vehicles and trailers to collect and cart the rubbish.
Approximately 100 bags of rubbish were collected by the teams during the day, and were disposed primarily at the Central Highlands waste transfer station, made available by the Central Highlands Council.

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