MAST and Boat dealers at Agfest

Boating in Tasmania continues to grow at an astounding rate with the recent “Boatwise” publication being sent to in excess of 50,000 Tasmanian boaties. This means around 10% of the population are involved directly in boating by way of either owning a boat or holding a licence.
With AGFEST expected to be bigger and better than ever before MAST will again be present to answer all those questions you have had stored up for 12 months! What safety gear do I need?, where is the closest launching ramp?, why do I need this?. These are all questions we receive every year and AGFEST is the perfect opportunity to catch up with a number of the experienced MAST staff to discuss your boating needs.
This year MAST has changed the requirements for boating licences. It is now a necessity to attend a practical training “Boat Safe” course prior to sitting your theory test.
MAST is confident the new licence system will deliver safety benefits to the boating public, those new to boating, who may not have the experience, will be trained by qualified providers using national core competencies.
The MAST site is in the marine precinct at AGFEST is site N39. The marine precinct is an initiative of MAST in an endeavour to get the industry together in one location. There will be dealers and others involved in the boating industry, we look forward to meeting and discussing issues that may be of concern.
By the way, check out the new boat ramp MAST has just built at Bronte.


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