Eddystone Point 12/6/12

I am passing on a report from Danny Jacobs who fished out of Eddystone point on the weekend with Josh Hammersley and his daughter Chloe on the boat Hammerhead.
Also fishing with them was Shaun and crew aboard Master Baiter and Jason and his crew aboard Predator.


We had an early start with Master Baiter & Predator being on the water by 4am and Hammerhead at 7am, water at ramp so low that the boys had to wade boat out to deeper water, they then ventured 40kms to the fishing grounds catching plenty of striped trumpeter, gummy shark, wobbegong shark, morwong, millions of red gurnard and a red snapper, very similar to the nannygai,...so they had a ball.
Apparently Joshes daughter Chloe was a real gun of a deckhand, doing a great job, Danny was also impressed with a rod and reel that he was trying out which was a Kor 24/37kg rod and Banax 6000 reel which did a fantastic job on the stripies, they arrived back at the ramp on dark, so they certainly had a big day on the water and all had a fantastic days fishing.



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