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Wow, what an issue. This is the biggest issue of Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News we have done. I don’t know how many words are in here, but it must be a lot.
I would particularly like to thanks the Inland Fisheries Service for their contribution to this issue.

We had a meeting with them some time ago asking for their input and expertise in areas we can’t cover. IFS and all their staff really put in, and largely thanks to them we have a bumper issue. So not only do we have some of the best fishing information ever, we also have a whole lot of background to go with it.
Interestingly, we have nothing on Four Springs in this issue. It is an extraordinary fishery and some big fish will be caught there on opening day. We have concentrated on a range of other waters though and maybe you will visit one of them.
For me, one of the waters that pops up on the radar is Lake Crescent. You will see one of the monster fish the IFS netted during survey work. Turbidity is at the lowest level for years and with big trout cruising the edges it may be a sleeper.
We also have a ‘Back to Basics’ trout article, which is designed to help first time trout anglers, and there is also a short article ‘From Flathead to Trout’ which the IFS hope will encourage marine anglers to give fresh water a try.
There is a distinct lack of marine fishing, but that will come back next issue.
Finally, I really appreciate and thank all our writers and their fabulous work. They never fail to come up with topical and comprehensive stories. Please enjoy this issue - now I am off fishing.
Mike Stevens

Some of the contents include:
Inland Fisheries Service News
Lake Dulverton Returns
Monster Lake Crescent Trout
Improving Fishing Access
Trout Stocking Information and Tables
Trout Regulation Changes
From Flathead to Trout
Back to Basics – Trout on Bait — Todd Lambert
Tyenna River — Matt Byrne
Derwent Sea Runners — Justin Causby
Preparation — Christopher Bassano
Great Lake from the Shore — Craig Rist
Flood Fishing — Peter Broomhall
Jan’s Flies — Jan Spencer
Successful Techniques — Joe Riley
River Mayflies — Daniel Hackett
Fly Rods and Casting — Peter Hayes
Great Tasmanian Kayak Spots — Craig Vertigan
Old Two-Strokes are Bad — Gary Fooks
Marine Fishery News
Fishing, boating and accommodation services directory

In tackle stores now and all newsagents 22nd July.



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