2018 04 18 IMG 6148 headWell after a weeks lay off from fishing due to some good rain and gale force winds (plus hip & back problems) it was time to head back to try the tannin waters again. I was hoping the small tannin waters that I'm heading to will still have some good flow to it as well as holding a few trout. Once there I found it to be a little on the low side and wasn't sure if it was worth having a spin session in it or not. Seeing as I had driven all the way to this little tannin water I thought I may as well give it a go so in I hopped and started flicking the little gold Aglia around in water that was so dark I could hardly see the gold blade spinner as I retrieved it. It wasn't all that long before a small 260 gram brown swooped on the lure, I soon had that little fish in hand, released and back in the water. A little further on I had a couple of solid hits on the spinner but missed both fish. It was time for a change of lure so I went for the F3 Rapala in the brown trout patten.

With the water being so low was the reason I went for the small floating Rapala hard body. Even using this light weight hard body I still had to bypass a few stretches of water that were just too low to fish. When I did find a deeper stretch of water I had a few hits then finally hooked another brown that made it into the net. It wasn't all that large either, but it was bigger (340 grams) than the first brown caught some thirty minutes earlier. The following few small stretches of water I had two more hook ups but lost both fish which was a little disappointing. Trying to move as slow and quiet as possible wasn't all that easy in the shallow water, the slightest ripple that I sent forward often spooked a trout. Being a late afternoon session didn't make it any better for fishing either because I was fishing into the sun, the glare bouncing off the water surface made it hard when casting upstream. It was near impossible to look straight ahead due to the glare.
After hooking & losing another two browns I it was time for a change of lure, this time I went for the F3 Rapala in a rainbow pattern. It did the job as the next fish that attacked the lure was hooked and landed, that fish was soon followed by another small brown. Over the next forty minutes I did manage to hook two more solid browns, both fish tossed the lure. I was about to call it a day as I flicked the Rapala into a very small shallow pocket of water, it was there I caught and released the fifth trout of the session. It was now 5:20 PM and the sun was very low and the air was getting pretty cool so it was time to head back to the car. I was a session that wasn't all that bad with five browns being caught and released, had the others stayed on it & had there been more flow here it would have been a better trip to this small tannin water.

Adrian Webb

2018 04 18 IMG 6148


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