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This is outstanding value for money. It is a great outfit for lake fishing as a longer rod gives great control.
Perfect for lake fishing, using sinking, or sink tip lines from a boat. Casting floating, sinking or sink tip lines is a breeze. You also get and better lift and hang at the boat. This is a strong #6 that will cast a line into the next postcode and will cope with a #7 line easily.

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Airflo Nemesis

Its second area it will excel in is as an estuary saltwater rod. It will cast a full #7 40+ Airflo line. It is also a great rod with a sink tip chasing bream, trevally, luderick or Australian salmon. These rods also come with an extra tip.

Completing the outfit is an alloy 7/8 reel and this matches perfectly.

Come and cast one. Normally these are $420

We have a few discounted lines that will go with these outfits as well, so ask about them.

Peter Hayes review

“This is what I would call an honest rod. Whilst it doesn’t claim to be the lightest or the strongest or the fastest action rod on the planet I found this rod to be a fantastic all round rod for what it is designed for.

I cast it on my casting pond for an hour with a variety of lines and I must say I really enjoyed doing so.

This rods action is very progressive and this means predictable in my mind. A short cast using just the tip section of the rod taps out smooth tiny loops effortlessly.

More line and more energy input engages the rods action more deeply for longer fishing casts that seem effortless given the advantage of the relatively long 10’ lever effect.

Then for the big cast and this rod gives out much more than you can put in without a hint of the tip collapsing and causing a tailing loop. Huge distances were possible with ease using the 40 plus head. In some ways the rod feels like a 7 weight without the weight, if you know what I mean, more than a #6.

This is a rod that I could highly recommend for throwing a long sinking line big distances on our Tasmanian lakes (a 40 plus head goes into the next postcode carrying a bead head fly without effort). It would be equally as useful as a boat rod for wind lane fishing where long accurate casts are necessary. In this case maybe a #6 Rio Grande or MPX style overweighted #6 would be terrific.

Then again you might find this is the perfect rod for your first foray into the Tasmanian saltwater estuary arena. Salmon, Flathead and bream would be a push over. I cast the Rio #7 single hand spey line on this rod and it worked a treat.”

Review by Peter Hayes

I was lucky enough to have a clear blue sky day on the Dee lagoon to fish to rising fish in the wind lanes as well as prospecting down deeper further up the lake. I found the rod to be very versatile, especially given the need for a single rod approach to competitive boat angling. When casting the lighter lines including slow intermediates and floaters, there was a natural stiffness to the rod, but with a fish on there was good control without concern for airborne fish, which I am noted for.

Using the sinking lines and three weighted beadheads, there were large numbers of fish feeding near the surface concerned about bottom pulling and although the technique was unsuccessful, the rod is very well suited to "pulling", a favourite among competition anglers.

Review by Jason Garrett Jnr - member of Fly Fish Australia.

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