Annual Tasmanian Carp Management Program Report 2013

Please find below the Annual Tasmanian Carp Management Program Report for 2013.

2013 Carp Report

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Fisheries Management

Inland Fisheries Service

News from the Recreational Fisheries Section of DPIPWE.

Rock Lobster Season - November Open Dates
The recreational rock lobster fishery in the Eastern Region will open on the third Saturday of November in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  This year the open date is 16 November 2013.
.The Western Region season start "day" has not changed and it will continue to open on the first Saturday of November.  This year the open date is 2 November 2013.
The closure dates for the female season and for the recreational fishery male closure have not changed.  The male rock lobster season for the recreational fishery closes on 31 August and the female season closes on 30 April.

Is a saltwater rod licence on its way?

An assessment of Licensing Arrangements for Tasmania's Marine Recreational Fisheries

The report has been completed by an independent consultant under a Fishwise Community Grant project. Although the Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee had supported this project proposal and the Department commissioned the project, at this stage there are no changes proposed for recreational sea licenses in Tasmania. The report does not make any recommendations. The report may be further contemplated when considering the challenges faced with declining recreational license and Fishwise revenues.

Below are the latest stories from the IFS website (since 17 June 2013). Click on the headline to take you to the stories.

Lake Leake stocked with adult rainbow trout in preparation for the new season
On July 3, 2013, Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) stocked 900 rainbow trout from Springfield Hatcheries were released at Kalangadoo Bay, Lake Leake. The fish were between 900 and 1200 grams and in ...

Stories from the IFS website (since 4 June 2013).

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Lake Barrington to fall below its notification level of 119.42m

In advance of a major outage at the Paloona Power station Lake Barrington will be draw down to its normal minimum operating level of 116.59 m; this is 5.33 m below the full supply level of the lake. ...

Boatwise IPhone App

By AliveMobile
Be prepared and safe in, around and on the water with the Boatwise app developed by Marine and Safety Tasmania and Surf Life Saving Tasmania.
Whether you are a keen boater who likes to fish or prefer to jet ski, kayak or simply go cruising, be prepared with customised checklists to ensure you are always ready and safe on the water.

Trout weekend at Liawenee

We love Liawenee and hope to see you there. This year we have custom beanies and floating fillet knives as a special deal. So we hope it is really cold and blowing. You will also be able to check out the 4.45 metre Haines Hunter we have been rebuilding. I have done a bit, Penguin Composites have done a lot and it is looking really cool. See you 18 - 19 May 10-4pm at Liawenee.

MaST boating forums May 2013



Paloona is the one I would really like to see happen. There is no public access at the moment, and the water is actually for boating. It would take fishing pressure and conflict with skiers away from Barrington, which is the next water up in this scheme.
Many others are important, but this would be a huge benefit to NW coast.

Latest news items from the IFS website to 26 April 2013

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Swan Bay boat ramp obstructions removed

The IFS has removed two large stumps that were a hazard to navigation at the current lake levels from the Swan Bay boat ramp, Great Lake...

Latest News from IFS

Spillway barrier net installed at Four Springs Lake
There have been concerns voiced by anglers for many years of the loss of trout over the spillway at Four Springs Lake. While a spillway screen could prevent such losses it would also bring with it maintenance issues, as debris build up would likely compromise the efficiency of the spillway....

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